First Christian Church of River View

 The Church with a Smile & an Open Door.


Silly Bandz - Silly Smiles

At VBS one of the rewards for the children, as they left each evening, was a silly band.  If you don’t know what a silly band is, most kids will think you are silly. Silly bands are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. These colorful rubber bands put on the wrist always return to their original shape when taken off.   Silly bands are everywhere. Well, they were until schools decided bands created a distraction.  Most schools now band silly bands. This summer most public swimming areas have also banded the bands because the bands disintegrate and clog the pool plumbing.  The silly bands at VBS were shaped like horseshoes, cowboy hats, boots, and cowboys. As I watched children choose a silly band and put them on I saw a lot of smiles. It is really amazing to think of such a small silly thing bringing so many smiles. On the other hand (or maybe I should say wrist) I was amazed as I read about the many frowns the very same silly bands had caused.  In life, there are many small things that bring much joy.  We should appreciate small things that bring smiles. At the same time, we should realize if the small things are material things there is always a chance of excessiveness creating problems.  This week find something small and silly to smile about.  If someone else gets bent out of shape because you are smiling, keep on smiling.  Remember more than a temporary smile, we have access to the true joy inside that comes from Christ. The joy of Christ often distracts the world which sometimes tries to band that joy from coming into certain places.  However, it is a joy that cannot be disintegrated. Once we choose to put on Christ no one can take Him from us.
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