First Christian Church of River View

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Time to Make the Donuts


When Michael Vale retired in 1997 there was a parade in Boston and over six million free donuts were served. When Michael died in 2005 there was a commercial in his honor.  Who was Michael Vale?  Michael was better known as Fred the Baker in Dunkin Donuts commercials that ran in the ’80s and ’90s.  Fred in the darkness of night, through rain and snow, always stayed true to the honorable task that had been bestowed upon him.  “It’s time to make the donuts,” were the words he spoke and the phrase these commercials coined that is now defined in the urban dictionary as a time to start work.  How much did the job of donut maker pay in the 1980s?  I am sure not as much as Michael was paid for portraying the role. I believe those who actually go and make the donuts early in the morning have to have some inspiration other than a paycheck.  I believe like the character Fred, they have found a greater purpose in their daily routine.  In our lives, we can look at our daily routines as drudgery or opportunity.  We can look at a mundane task as misery, or as honorable duties that someone trusts us with and has graciously bestowed upon us.  When we take the time to look at our lives from a different point of view; tiresome duties morph into awesome opportunities. There may never be a parade in our honor or free donuts given away because of us, but there will be the satisfaction of knowing we have done the job well that has been set before us. May we all be inspired to make the donuts to the best of our ability.  It is time.