First Christian Church of River View

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 Carless not Clueless      

Text: Matthew 6:33  


Did you know that 90% of Americans own a car?  Most of you probably don’t find that at all surprising. But when we look at the one in seven Americans who the Census Bureau says lived in poverty last year; and find that 75% of this 46.2 million Americans (classified as poor) own a car, and of this 31 % have two or more –  it is kind of shocking.  Poor is not at all what it once was, is it? Not only are the poor driving to and from their homes that have on average two and three bedrooms and one and a half baths, but more than half say their children also enjoy luxuries such as flat-screen TVs, X Boxes, and Play Stations.  It sounds like poor is now the new middle class, doesn’t it?  If the “poor” took the time to see how some live in other countries, they would truly appreciate their blessings and realize they do not live in poverty.   As Americans, we have all become a little clueless about real poverty.  This week as I found myself without a car of my own to go where I wanted to go when I wanted to go; I knew I should have been much more appreciative of the car that now sits with its hood raised at my house as if it is saying, “please fix me.”  I am happy to report that so far I have gotten to and from everywhere I needed to go.  It is different having to depend on someone else to carry me there, but it makes me so much more appreciative of my blessings.  I may be careless, but I am not clueless about the fact that God is my Provider.  Let me tell you, He is the one who truly carries us through good times and bad.  And also remember, no matter what anyone may classify you as, as a child of the Father, you are rich enjoying the privilege of living in the luxuries of His love, grace, mercy, and peace. 


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