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Mind Growth                              

Text: Proverbs 1:5  


School days are back for many this week. If an opinion poll were taken of parents, children, and educators I wonder if the majority are ready for school to begin or would prefer a little more vacation. Many parents would vote school, while many children and their teachers would vote vacation! There was a time when August was thought of as the last month of a three-month summer vacation, and not the first month of the school year.  There is a lesson we all can learn by the changes in the new school calendars.  Time marches on and things change constantly for the young and old alike. Those of us who have been out of school since the days when the school year began in September probably know this, but there is still time to learn many more valuable lessons.  Someone once said, “You learn something every day if you pay attention.”  Daniel Boorstin defined education as learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.  Surely we don’t know everything there is to know (yet). Even though we think we are all grown up; there is always room for our minds to grow.  “The purpose of learning is growth and our minds unlike our bodies can continue growing as long as we continue to live.” ~Mortimer Adler  So as you send your children off to continue their education this week, think of things you can do every day to continue your own.  Wise men (and women) continue to learn as long as God allows them to continue to live. A mind is truly a terrible thing to waste. Pay attention and you are sure to learn something you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

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