First Christian Church of River View

 The Church with a Smile & an Open Door.

There is a Lighthouse

There is a lighthouse standing tall upon the rocky shore.

Its light shines brightly beckoning the lost to come home forevermore

Though the night is dark and filled with gloom,

Though the storms rage threatening certain doom,

The lighthouse stands strong shining its calming peaceful light,

Proclaiming salvation, hope, and life to all who come within its sight.

Last Monday Ruth Joliffe took a journey to her new home.  In her new home, there will be no want for anything. She won’t have to worry about buying ceramic lighthouses at the dollar store to give to all of her friends. She won’t have to worry about light bills or any kind of bills anymore. She will never again hobble to an altar to pray for healing from pain and disease in her body, healing by the way she had great faith would come.  We are thankful for all those things Ms. Ruth is now enjoying. However, there are so many things we will miss.  We will miss the handwritten scripture cards decorated with birds, angels, and lighthouses.  We will miss receiving those ceramic lighthouses. We will miss praying for her and we will so miss her praying for us.  We will miss the hugs, the smiles, the jokes, the happy dances. A light has left us but the light has gone home to a place where a Lighthouse is shining forevermore beckoning all of us home to the Light of the World.  May we all find our way to Him.
Will's Devotion