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Letting Go


Don't be stubborn and rebellious as Pharaoh and the Egyptians were. I Samuel 6:6

In I Samuel we read of a people burdened with a heavy load of plague and disease brought on from rodents which had invaded their land. The people were warned not to be stubborn as the plagued Egyptians had been before them. They were encouraged to let the Ark of the Covenant be returned to Israel so they could be released from the plague.  The ark was returned the way they thought was easiest and quickest, but punishment came to the people for the time they had been willfully disobedient, stubborn, and hard-headed.  There comes a time in our lives we must realize there are things we hold on to that must be let go of.  Sometimes we know as soon as they enter our possession that they are not ours to hold.  We stubbornly attempt to take a shortcut to solve issues. These shortcuts often lead to our demise. I am reminded of an old fable of a stubborn donkey who took a shortcut to lighten his load. A farmer and his donkey were coming down a mountain path carrying a heavy load. At a turn, the donkey saw the farmer’s house at the foot of a cliff. Jumping seemed to be the quickest way home. As the donkey was about to jump down, the farmer pulled him back. But the stubborn donkey would not give in and pulled harder. The farmer said, “Okay do it your way and meet your doom!” The farmer let go and the stubborn donkey tumbled down the cliff and died. May we all learn the quickest way, is not always the best way. May we never be stubborn, take good advice, and learn to let go of things weighing us down that aren’t ours to hold.
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