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Here we are in the middle of May and oh my goodness the odonatas have arrived.    Today I believe I will write an ode to the odoanta. Let’s see…  I think that I shall never see a bugata as lovely as an odonata.  Yes, that’s right the odonata is an insect, affectionately called a bug by many.  This bug is beautiful and flies.  There are blue ones, red ones, black ones, orange ones, and even purple ones. In Texas many people have developed watching odonatas into an art form called “oding,”   There are many legends about the odonata.  In the South odonatas are often called ‘snake doctors.”  There is a legend that says these insects that most of us call dragonflies find injured snakes and stitch them up so they can be on their way.  To most of us that doesn’t sound like such a good thing.  They are often given a bad name in Norway and Portugal; that bad name “Eye Poker.”  In Indonesia, they are considered a delicacy, caught, fried in oil and eaten. Poor dragonfly! However, in Japan, the dragonfly has a good name and is considered a symbol of strength. It is a symbol of growth as it develops in the water, moves to the air, but stays close to the water as a source of strength.  Out of all the dragonfly facts, there is one fact that I like best.  The dragonfly reflects light from the sun which gives it such a beautiful color. It is incapable of producing any light on its own.  We as Christians should have some things in common with the odonatas.  We should reflect the light of the Son always.  We are incapable of producing light on our own. Even though some who watch us may give us a bad name, we know who our source of strength is. If we stay close to Him we will continue to grow and develop.
Will's Devotion