First Christian Church of River View

 The Church with a Smile & an Open Door.


Taking off the Watch and Diving In

"God, I am afraid; I can't do it," I said even as I was taking off my watch.  My legs started moving toward the front of the church. "It is time, go; I am with you," He said to me.  So today, I got baptized in the very clothes I wore to church.” This quote was on Facebook Sunday.  I thought of how this person must have felt like, the excitement of letting nothing stop them from doing what God called them to.  I remembered myself the first time God called me to go “down front” at church when I was a child.  I too had a similar experience as my hands were pulled free from clutching the pew seemingly by an invisible force.  My legs, shaking, moved uncontrollably toward the altar.  What freedom when I finally made it there!   I remember conveying this experience to my best friend when I was twelve or so.  Susan was from a different denomination, very smart, and very knowledgeable of the scriptures as they had been taught to her.  We loved each other but never agreed on the basics of Christianity, such as baptism.  About a year or so ago my friend and I reconnected on Facebook.  She lives several states away, but we have shared old pictures and memories via Facebook. I first thought “fb” was a waste of time, but I now use it as a tool for sharing Christ. My friend Susan often reads my “stories.”   By the way, the person who took off the watch and got baptized in the clothes she wore to church Sunday was Susan who once said, “Baptism today isn’t necessary.”  Today as you think of old childhood friends, say a prayer for them.  You never know what wonderful things God has waiting.  It is never too late to take off the watch of religion and dive into all God has for those who are willing to go where He leads.