First Christian Church of River View

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Give Me Just A Little More Time  Text; Philippians 1:6



 This is the day many have been eagerly awaiting since the fall.  Daylight Savings Time is back!  We often say we get an extra hour of daylight, but really we just relocate an hour of daylight don’t we? Early in the morning it just isn’t as productive an hour of daylight as it could be for most of us are still sleeping.  Speaking of which, are you sleepy?  Wake up, the sun is shining!   Today is the day the Lord made no matter what time we say it is.  God, who created time, holds all time in His hands. How many times have we wanted to go back in time to have just a little more time at a certain place with a certain person on a certain day?  Sadly, we can’t go back and recreate a time once it has passed. However, God is a God of second chances.  Even though we can’t redo some things, we can restart.  God grants us enough time to get things done that He wants us to accomplish.  He will make the time to complete the work He has started in each of us. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that He prepared things in advance for us to do. If He took the time to plan things for us in advance I am confident He can relocate all kinds of things to make sure we get them done.  Just as we relocate an hour of daylight though our timekeeping methods to a place we can use it more productively; God also has a way of relocating time.  He moves opportune moments that He doesn’t want us to miss out on because we may not be ready for them yet.  God wants to make sure we are wide awake.  He gives us a little more time and a little more even if we need it to be prepared for all He has waiting for us. Wake up, the Son is shining!


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