First Christian Church of River View

 The Church with a Smile & an Open Door.



   We all have heard promises of gifts we can give that keep on giving long after the actual giving of the gift is forgotten.  With many gifts, this is true in one form or fashion if you think of it.  Something as simple as socks keeps on giving warmth long after we forget who took the time to purchase them, gift wrap them and give them to provide a cover for our cold feet.  Before we enter into yet another gift-giving season, before we go purchase a lot of socks for a lot of cold feet, let us take a moment to remember gifts we have received.  On Thanksgiving, we will take the time to stop and give thanks for so many things, perhaps even socks. We will thank God for family and food, health and jobs, love and peace.  God gave all mankind one very special gift that keeps on giving and giving. Jesus Christ gave His life for us so that we may live. He is our covering.  As you give thanks this year, make sure to give thanks for Christ who gave His life long ago, which is a gift we should never forget.  May we each, in turn, give to others and share the opportunity to receive this free gift which actually was purchased for a very high price. This gift warms cold hearts and provides a covering for all who believe in Him.  He gave His life, a very high price indeed, to purchase our salvation.   May we always be thankful and never forget all Jesus gave and continues to give daily. May we share this great gift with others this Thanksgiving Season.