First Christian Church of River View

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  What’s In a Name?

“What’s your name?” is probably one of the most popular questions.   Most all of us at one time or another have researched the meaning of our name and asked our parents why our given names were given.  Even though my name has a very noble meaning, I never found why it was chosen for me, nor did I ever particularly care for the name when I was young.  There were a lot of cute little rhymes designed with my name in mind in elementary school that I detested.  Of course, Judy was the name of the popular actress Judy Garland of Wizard of Oz fame.  I always loved the movie and I suppose assumed I was Ms. Garland’s namesake.  In recent years my given name has become synonymous with a judge many know and I suppose love to watch on TV.    I understand in real life she is genuinely a good person, so I don’t mind Judge Judy jokes so much.  Today as I thought of names I thought of how the names we are given help to shape who we are.  If another name had been chosen for me, would my personality be affected in some way? Hmmm … I don’t know. What’s your name?  Has the name helped shape who you are? No matter what the name it is nice to have people know you and call you by that name.  Jesus loves to hear us call His name.  And remember, more important than our names given to us at birth are the names given to us by our Heavenly Father which shape who we are for all eternity.  He calls me Child. He calls me Blessed.  He calls me Healed. He calls me Whole. He calls me Free.  He calls me Saved. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be savedRomans 10:13